The most important aspect of a successful event is the venue selection because everything else is pegged on that from transport to decor and catering among other items, so it is important to consider the following as you choose your venue.


1.Budget / Cost

Before any planning goes on it important to sit down and agree on how much is available for spending on that event  so that your resources are allocated towards all that is required to make the event successful such as the cost of the venue , food , travel arrangements and so on. At Afrosayari we are flexible enough to work with most company budgets because to us establishing a relationship is more important than a one time transaction.


2.Capacity and accessibility

It is also important to consider the number of guests attending the event so that everyone is comfortable while the event goes on, and also that all types of guests are catered for including the physically challenged. At  Afrosayari this is not an issue as we can be able to handle upto 2000 guests comfortably and also the venue is friendly to the physically challenged.



The location should be convenient to all attendees and  should also provide an environment that fosters relaxation and tranquility. Afrosayari being located along the eastern bypass ticks all the boxes in terms of being the  perfect venue since it is outside the city but not too far so that  it is convenient for everyone.


4.Amenenities and Services

Apart from the look and feel of the venue, you should also look at whether other services are provided at that venue like does the venue have a kitchen and catering staff, clean up and bar crew as this will make your work so much easier. We at Afrosayari are glad that we provide a one stop solution for your conferencing needs so no need to worry once your booked with us all is catered for.


Having considered all the above there is no doubt that Afrosayari is the best solution for all your conferences and meetings whether big or small we cater to all types of clients, we are conveniently located along the eastern bypass. click here to book an appointment with us or call us now on 0700118444.

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